Step 1. Prepare a scientific paper in strict accordance with the template of the selected journal.
Incorrectly designed manuscripts are not accepted for consideration.
Be sure to pay attention to the following requirements:

  1. Scientific papers submitted for publication must fully correspond to the topic of the conference, must reflect the results of research conducted by the authors personally, have originality, relevance and scientific novelty.
    Papers submitted in English must be written in competent English.
  2. The maximum number of authors of one paper is no more than three. The number of paper that an author can publish in one issue is no more than three.
  3. The volume of the article: 6-10 full pages (including the list of references). Manuscripts of scientific articles are accepted in Russian and in English.
    If the manuscript was sent in Russian, then an additional service is provided to translate the texts of manuscripts of scientific articles into English.
    The names and affiliations of the authors must be indicated in the Russian-language article in both English and Russian.
    Pay attention to the correct spelling of the names and surnames of the authors in English, as well as the correct indication of the place of work in English, in order to avoid problems with indexing and attaching a scientific publication in the future to the profile of the author and organization. After the article is published, changes cannot be made.
  4. The abstract should consist of one paragraph between 150 and 200 words long. Quoting, calculations, formulas, etc. are not allowed in the abstract. Abbreviations must be decoded. The structure of the abstract should repeat the structure of the paper and contain: the purpose of the research, methods, main results, conclusions and justification of the novelty of the work. The abstract should not repeat verbatim the text of the paper and should be an independent source of information
  5. The submitted text of the manuscript of the scientific paper should correspond to the profile (sections) of the conference and reflect the results of the theoretical and experimental research. It is not allowed to send for consideration already published papers or those papers that have been submitted to other journals and are under consideration.
  6. Conference participants are required to follow generally accepted ethical standards. The use of unfair practices is not allowed both in the process of conducting a scientific research, and in preparing a manuscript of a scientific paper for publication. The originality of the text must also be at least 70%. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to publish the manuscript at any stage if the fact of plagiarism or re-publication of the already accepted text of the manuscript of the scientific paper is found.
    We draw your attention to the fact that all the papers will be checked by the publishers for plagiarism, articles that do not pass the check will be rejected by the publisher after the papers are accepted by the conference organizers. In this case, the conference participation fee is non-refundable!
    The authors are responsible for submitting the original paper for publication, which has not been previously published and is not being reviewed in other publications.
  7. The text of the paper must be divided into main sections (the name and composition of which may change and vary):Abstract, Introduction, Problem Statement, Research Methods, Research, Research Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgments (links to funding sources), References.
  8. Papers should have the following main elements:
    1. statement of the problem in general form and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks;
    2. analysis of recent achievements and publications, in which the solution of this problem has begun, highlighting previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which this paper is devoted;
    3. formulation of the goal and setting the tasks of the work;
    4. presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific results obtained, formulation of recommendations;
    5. Conclusions on this study and prospects for further development of this direction.
  9. The manuscript should have a research design, including consideration of the theoretical aspect of the problem, the formulation of research questions, a detailed description of the methodology used, as well as the process of data collection and analysis. In the "Conclusion" section, the authors are required to answer the research questions posed.
  10. Intratext references to literature and the list of references itself are drawn up exclusively according to the requirements of the journal. We strongly recommend that the authors use high-quality foreign scientific literature published in reliable scientific journals (indexed in the Scopus, Web of Science databases). We urge you to minimize the use of "non-representative" sources - Internet resources that do not contain scientific information, textbooks and teaching aids. The list of sources should contain no more than 10% of sources, the author / co-author of which is the author of the paper submitted for consideration. Overuse of “unrepresentative” sources and self-citation will negatively affect peer review results.

Step 2. Apply for participation in the conference and publication in the materials

After completing the paper in accordance with the requirements, please fill in an application for participation in the Conference on a special page of the site

When filling out the online application, you will need:

- ready-to-download file with the text of the manuscript of a scientific article in English - designed strictly according to the template of the journal and in accordance with the following requirements: 
The text of the article must be typed with the maintaining all the indents and paper size specified in the journal template. In order to avoid mistakes in the design, we ask you to enter the text of the article in the proposed template or example of the article in English with the maintaining the formatting of each separate section/paragraph and other elements of the article.

All authors should carefully read the IOP Conference Series license agreement, by submitting an article to Earth and Environmental Science (EES) all authors agree to the terms of the license.

- the text of the article in Russian (prepared in free form, but completely duplicating the English version of the article). 
Please prepare the texts in advance in doc or docx format.

Step 3. Review procedure

All the submitted manuscripts are reviewed. In particular, the reviewer uses a questionnaire to assess the quality of the submitted manuscripts. We strongly recommend that authors familiarize themselves with the questions from this questionnaire before submitting the paper to avoid rejection.
The term for consideration of the manuscript is up to 20 calendar days.
The result of the review is sent by e-mail to the corresponding author.

Step 4. Payment of the registration fee

The registration fee is provided for participation in the conference. Scientific papers that are not paid for will be removed from publication.
Contribution amount:
For publication in an English-language collection: 12800 rubles (200 Euros).
The registration fee can be paid through the online system on the conference website.
If you need to draw up a contract for payment, you must notify the organizing committee in advance.
Manuscripts of scientific articles are accepted in English and Russian. If the manuscript was sent in Russian, then an additional service is provided to translate the texts of manuscripts of scientific papers into English.
Also, if desired, the authors can order an additional service for the design of the text of the paper according to the journal template.
Cost of additional services:
For the design of the text according to the template of the journal: 3000 rubles.

Step 5. Preparation and submission of additional documents.

Additional documents, scanned copies of which must be sent to the conference organizing committee no later than April 19, 2021 (please indicate the registration number of the report), or, if available, attach during the registration of the report (please note that the publication of the paper cannot be carried out without all additional documents from the authors for each paper):
1. An expert opinion on the possibility of publishing an article in the open press (in the form adopted in the organization indicated as the affiliation of the authors).
2. Consent to the processing of personal data for each author of the paper. The procedure for processing and storing personal data is specified in the offer agreement.
3. The completed "License Agreement" in the form of the publication in which the paper is submitted (it is filled in either when the paper is submitted on the journal's website, or is sent after the paper is accepted by the publishers - separate terms will be published for each journal).

Step 6. Take part in the forum and get a copy of the collection

Take a full-time or part-time participation in the forum. The program with information about the participants and their papers will be preliminary published on the website.
A collection of scientific papers will be published after the conference. All authors will receive an electronic copy (PDF) of the collection by email.
All authors, upon request, are provided with letters of acceptance of manuscripts of scientific papers for publication in the forum materials.
Please note that all the relevant information on the publication and holding of the conference will be sent by e-mail specified by the authors during registration. If the authors have additional mail for which general mailings need to be done, please notify the organizing committee about this.